terça-feira, 16 de agosto de 2016

Who killed the lady Izaura?: Helena house

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Four friends will spend the holidays in housewife Izaura, Marrone's grandmother, in Pedro Nunes City, East Zone of São Paulo. Marrone is accompanied by his girlfriend Elisa. Douglas, lawyer, with his girlfriend Marli. The visit could be considered normal if it were some strange happenings. The fear that Mrs. Izaura felt the bandit Kerosene and verbal discussion she had with Mr. Manezinho, her former gardener. In addition, lady Izaura suddenly stopped paying attention to Douglas. 
On a night that seemed to be normal, everyone went to their rooms the next day, the astonishing surprise ... Izaura lady was dead in her bed, she was murdered the dagger blows. The intriguing in all this is that the lady Izaura room was the door locked from the inside with an iron latch made especially to not be handled out. On the outside of the window, which was at the top of the house, there was no sign that someone had climbed the wall and no sign of forced entry in the window. The question then is: Who killed Izaura lady? Jorge detective, family friend, although suspicious of couples still asked to help Marrone, the grandson of the murdered woman. The end of the story is amazing. 

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